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Breakfasts, Brunches and Breads are actually three groups in one cookbook. The several categories include:
• Appetizers (antipasto, mushroom pate, stuffed mushrooms, shrimp and cream cheese)
• Batters (there are only two – beer batter and tempura batter)
• Danish and Coffee Cakes (apple streusel coffee cake, butterhorns, cherry Danish, coffee cake supreme)
• Doughnuts, Bagels and Beignets (cake doughnuts, raised doughnuts, pasta machine bagels, New Orleans beignets)
• Eggs, Omelets and Frittatas (eggs Benedict, Greek omelet, Omelet 101, scrambled egg muffins, breakfast burritos)
• French Toast and Waffles (best ever waffles, eggnog French toast, French toast)
• Muffins and Biscuits (almond biscotti, angel biscuits, bran muffins, soda biscuits, orange nut muffins, raisin cinnamon scones, and more) • Pancakes, Blintzes and Crepes (cheese blintzes, sour dough pancakes, ham and cheese crepes, and more)
• Pastas and Pizzas (pizza crust and sauces, fettuccine carbonara) • Quiches and Cheesecakes (no-crust sausage quiche, ham cheesecake, asparagus quiche, egg and hash brown pie)
• Quick Breads (ABC bread, banana bread, prune bread, zucchini bread, cranberry bread, pumpkin bread, jalapeno corn bread, steamed brown bread, tropical tea bread, and more)
• Salads (taco salad with shells, curried chicken with pasta salad, Chinese chicken salad, and more)
• Seafood Entrees (crab cakes, scallops for two, mock crab soufflé, marinated scallops, shrimp medley, and more)
• Soups (Mexican meatball soup with rice, Italian minestrone, clam chowder, and more)
• Yeast Breads and Rolls (sticky pecan rolls, focaccia bread, butter flake rolls, caramel rolls, orange cinnamon bread, whole wheat bread, hot cross buns, hard rolls, and more)
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